Brenden Fly's High
Drone Shot
Out for a stroll
Lay it out!
Front Flip Fun
Shot from above
Tweed River serenity
Spin to Win
RP3 Ski
Back it in
Up in the clouds
Heading home
The sun goes down and we go up
Gainer Time
RP3 Flight Deck underside
RP3 Flight Deck topside
Ben's just hit the Launch Button
Lift Off near Mt Warning
deck love
New deck is a winner
RP3 Flight Deck
Bling Bling
Afternoon Air
Hanging out in the afternoon air
Wake Jump
blue Flight deck
R3 Hydrofoils
Just Cruising on the RP3
Team Rider Benno eye's of a KGB
Designer Graphic
Jack loves the Manta Front Wing
Flying in New Zealand
Team rider Benno lays one out
Quick Fly around the Tweed
RP3 Manta Front Wing is so much fun
Fun day Foil day
Nicole's laying into it
Benno Flyin
Taking in the NZ Scenery
Thumbs up for the RP3 cap
RP3 Flight Deck
A foilers POV
Spot the landing
NZ Fly-In
RP3 Stay Warm Vest
RP3 Stay Warm Vest
Ripping over the Tweed River
Up in the clouds on the RP3
Front Flip at 51frames High
Its Light It's Tuff-RP3 Flight Deck
Jacks ready to fly the RP3 Wings
Determination = Progression
Just hanging around in NZ
Some of our RP3 family
Even the observers are kitted out
Learning the gainer
RP3 Cap
Front Flip
Foil day Fun day
A mobius will make your head spin
Standard run on the RP3
Hanging out in NZ
RP3 55 frame backroll
RP3 selfie
RP3 Hornet Front Wing
RP3 Flight Deck
RP3 Flight Deck
Steve flyin' on the RP3
RP3 ready to fly
RP3 Predator Font Wing
RP3 Manta Front Wing
RP3 Manta v2 Front Wing
Sunday Ride on the RP3
Sunday Ride
Carbon Fibre RP3 Flight Deck
Carbon Fibre Flight Deck
RP3 Predator is Air-born
RP3 Manta and Wasp Rear wing
RP3 Selfie with Predator and Stinga
Manta Front Wing
Stinga Rear and Manta v2 Front
Selfie - RP3 Style
A little ray of sunshine
Predator Front Flips
Spot the landing on this Mobius
RP3 Hang Time
Prepare the cabin for landing
Yes I took this myself
RP3 Hydrofoils are a head turner
We have touch down
RP3Predator doesn't intimidate Glenn
360 Helicopter spin
Fun with the new RP3 rope and handle
Foiling with a view of Mt Warning
"Look mom no hands"
Karins just cruising
RP3 Binding Rails
New Zealand Foiling
The Predator is a front flip machine
Take off and into the blue
It's the little things in life <3
Foiling at RP3 HQ
RP3 Hydrofoils
KBG Full Twisting Back